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events and trips with my business colleagues. think it's boring? watch before u judge!

another time with the sims crew in davos... (february 2009)
another time with the sims crew in davos... (february 2009)  |  Total images: 15  |  Date added: 26.08.2008
...cause it was sooo damn good last time!
team sims on the run (march 2007)
team sims on the run (march 2007)  |  Total images: 18  |  Date added: 26.08.2008
the swisslife incident management system team goes snowboarding and skiing in davos
remember profitline (oktober 2006)
remember profitline (oktober 2006)  |  Total images: 107  |  Date added: 11.11.2006
a few days with the old profitline crew in the appenzellerland...
a long day with evtl (march 2006)
a long day with evtl (march 2006)  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 15.04.2006
first to the wedding of thomas, then to the tempodrom for a few rounds of cart-racing, having dinner @ the outback lodge and finally to a salsa-party in zug...
crazy profitline (september 2004)
crazy profitline (september 2004)  |  Total images: 57  |  Date added: 25.09.2005
a few crazy days in ticino with the great people from profitline. pl never dies!
riding the partyboat... (august 2004)
riding the partyboat... (august 2004)  |  Total images: 17  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
...on the lake of zurich.
steria workshop (oktober 2003)
steria workshop (oktober 2003)  |  Total images: 16  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
project manager workshop in quarten. really nice place above walensee with a perfect mountain view in the background.
cruis'ing the mediterranean see (september 2003)
cruis'ing the mediterranean see (september 2003)  |  Total images: 133  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
a wacky boat, just 300 meters long(!)... a great time in genua, barcelona and corsika with the profitline crowd!
playing the ice... (april 2003)
playing the ice... (april 2003)  |  Total images: 14  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
...or did the ice play with us? guess we'll never find out...
profitline goes sledging (feburary 2003)
profitline goes sledging (feburary 2003)  |  Total images: 15  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
if you always thought that snow is soft, i just can tell you: it depends on the speed!!!
dabs night part II (january 2003)
dabs night part II (january 2003)  |  Total images: 44  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
it all started quite and innocent in a little bar in dietikon... and ended once more horrible... ;-)
london with our profitline football team (september 2002)
london with our profitline football team (september 2002)  |  Total images: 45  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
a weekend in london was the consolation prize for beeing last at the tournament... sometimes it's great to be last!
dabs night part I (september 2002)
dabs night part I (september 2002)  |  Total images: 30  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
the dabs project team goes dancing (at least we tried...;-)
the worst football team in the world (june 2002)
the worst football team in the world (june 2002)  |  Total images: 31  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
...but at least we tried! and we won: not the first place, but the best price: a weekend in london for the whole team! check out london trip pictures to get jealous!
xmas party '01 with profitline (february 2002)
xmas party '01 with profitline (february 2002)  |  Total images: 33  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
who cares that we celebrated a few month too late... in exchange we partied to an even greater extent!
show your profile (january 2001)
show your profile (january 2001)  |  Total images: 15  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
always crazy marketing ideas, this is profitline as we all know it...
integris xmas party (december 2001)
integris xmas party (december 2001)  |  Total images: 10  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
celebrating christmas like in the roaring twenties...
otc snow event (march 2000)
otc snow event (march 2000)  |  Total images: 19  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
a weekend without design patterns, unit tests, middleware and databases... object technology center on the move!
fonds line goes carting (july 1999)
fonds line goes carting (july 1999)  |  Total images: 3  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
u don't have to be slim to be good in a cart race, as the second placed proved... ;-)