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party time!
party time!  |  Total images: 712  |  Date added: 02.07.2009
here's where the fun starts! ...and sometimes ends horribly the morning after...
short trips
short trips  |  Total images: 1552  |  Date added: 02.09.2008
a few-day trips to places not too far away and usually just for one intention: paaaaaaaarty!!!
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travels  |  Total images: 2460  |  Date added: 06.09.2009
this is a collection of pictures of some of the longer journeys i've done.
under water
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under water  |  Total images: 354  |  Date added: 05.09.2009
see the world from below... a collection of diving & snorkling pictures from some of the most beautiful dive sites around the world!
business event
business event  |  Total images: 648  |  Date added: 26.08.2008
events and trips with my business colleagues. think it's boring? watch before u judge!
swiss mountain treks
swiss mountain treks  |  Total images: 103  |  Date added: 28.04.2008
"das wandern ist des müllers lust" they say in switzerland... check out if it's true!
other stuff
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other stuff  |  Total images: 429  |  Date added: 05.09.2009
pics from various other locations and happenings.