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kenia - getting wild (november / december 2003)
lions, elephants, hippos, rinos, leopards... fantastic wild life not only in the national reserves but also under water. check out the many pictures from my trip through kenia.

masai mara
masai mara  |  Total images: 116  |  Date added: 18.09.2005
nairobi was too crazy, so we soon headed for our one-week safari to masai mara. the 1'500 sq km reserve was traditionally the land of the maasai, but they have largely been displaced in favour of the more profitable animals....;-)
our second safari @ lake nakuru
our second safari @ lake nakuru  |  Total images: 37  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
the lake in the center of this park offers one of the world's most spectacular wildlife sights, that of brilliant pink flamingos as far as the eye can see. think pink!
around mombasa
around mombasa  |  Total images: 66  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
after riding the night train from nairobi to mombasa (which is an adventure of it's own...;-) we traveled around the coast for a while: shelly beach, diani beach, funzi island, shimoni and wasini island where some of our stays.
dating the dolphins in kenia
dating the dolphins in kenia  |  Total images: 14  |  Date added: 25.09.2005
what a highlight! unfortunately the picture quality is quite low, my camera always tarnished...