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vietnam - one long trip of sights, sounds and smells (december 2005 / januar 2006)
from hanoi up to the chinese border and down 1700km along the coast to saigon. a journey of endless attractions and adventures through a country of amazingly rich culture and divine flavours of food!

hanoi  |  Total images: 48  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
this is where our long trip started. the capital of vietnam, a city of timeless grace, a grand old dame of asia with a bustling old quarter.
halong bay
halong bay  |  Total images: 48  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
the surreal landscape of halong bay with it's about 3000 limestone pinnacles protruding from the waters is one of vietnam's most magical sights.
sapa  |  Total images: 53  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
sapa, close to the chinese border, is an atmospheric old hill station set amid stunning scenes of near vertical rice terraces and towering peaks.
around ninh binh
around ninh binh  |  Total images: 41  |  Date added: 18.03.2006
ninh binh itself doesn't offer much, but the nearby attractions like the parfume pagoda, the stunning scenery of tam coc and the ancient capital of hoa lu are more then enough reason to stay.
hue  |  Total images: 29  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
hue breathes history at every turn, having served as vietnam's capital from 1802 to 1945.
hoi an
hoi an  |  Total images: 18  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
the old port of hoi an is a real charmer and the perfect spot to take some time out. from there we also visited my son, the incredible more then 1000 years old cham ruins.
nha trang
nha trang  |  Total images: 20  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
the most famous beach place of vietnam, but we saw it mainly from below while diving...
mui ne
mui ne  |  Total images: 44  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
a long beautiful stretch of white beaches. also famous for it's enormous sand dunes, where we tried a bit of sand-sledding...
saigon (ho chi minh city)
saigon (ho chi minh city)  |  Total images: 22  |  Date added: 19.03.2006
worlds collide as old and new compete for turf in this fast moving city of ancient temples, colonial quarters and modern skyscrapers.
mekong delta
mekong delta  |  Total images: 52  |  Date added: 21.03.2006
cruising the countless canals of this mighty river, visiting some of the fish farms and villages or just enjoying the shimmering fields of bright green rice stalks: the mekong delta is definitely a highlight of every trip to vietnam!