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pics from various other locations and happenings.

going down....
going down....  |  Total images: 54  |  Date added: 11.08.2007
a collection of my most beautiful sunset pics (...yes, even i have a romantic side...;-)
sächsilüüte (april 2006)
sächsilüüte (april 2006)  |  Total images: 64  |  Date added: 09.05.2006
a long, interesting & entertaining day as guest of the 'zürcher letzi zunft', a district guild of zurich.
marriage of karin & mark (august 2005)
marriage of karin & mark (august 2005)  |  Total images: 63  |  Date added: 16.09.2005
two hearts beat as one! may you grow in love and friedship through the years, listening, learning, leaving room for change - yet always close enough to whisper. all the best to you two!
christening of len (mai 2004)
christening of len (mai 2004)  |  Total images: 53  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
my godchild gets baptized! a really nice and warm ceremony in the garden of my parents. a perfect day with the ones i love.
oldtimer race @ mutschellen (april 2004)
oldtimer race @ mutschellen (april 2004)  |  Total images: 12  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
i just love this old cars! what a shame they did not build anything close to this the last 20 years...
a sunset dinner (july 2003)
a sunset dinner (july 2003)  |  Total images: 9  |  Date added: 23.07.2007
the hotel sonne directly @ the lake of zurich is definitely to recommend!
formula 1 training @ nürburgring (september 2002)
formula 1 training @ nürburgring (september 2002)  |  Total images: 24  |  Date added: 09.11.2005
a two day training at the nürburg ring. first day with some formel renault cars, the second day with some real formula 1 cars! feeling like schumacher...
above the clouds of zurich (january 2000)
above the clouds of zurich (january 2000)  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 01.06.2005
staying @ the skyline-suite on the uetliberg. greate place, awesome view!
funny pics...
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funny pics...  |  Total images: 34  |  Date added: 05.09.2009
...all of them probably sent around the world for at least a dozen times...
best of dilbert
best of dilbert  |  Total images: 112  |  Date added: 02.09.2008
great jokes about the business world and the poor people who inhabit it. and the best of all: u can get a free daily subscription here!.