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cambodia - angkor wat is just the beginning (january 2006)
this country is kicking! the magnificent temples of angkor, the buzzing capital of phnom penh, the mighty mekong river, a vibrant culture and some of the friendliest people in the world!

phnom penh
phnom penh  |  Total images: 37  |  Date added: 31.03.2006
at times beautiful and beguiling, at times chaotic and charmless, this city is a crossroad of asia's past and present, a city of extremes of poverty and excess, but one that never fails to captivate the visitor...
angkor wat & angkor thom
angkor wat & angkor thom  |  Total images: 45  |  Date added: 09.04.2006
bow in awe to the mother of all temples: angkor wat, the worlds largest religious building. simply unique, a stunning blend of spirituality and symmetry, an enduring example of man's devotion to his gods.
ta prohm
ta prohm  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 29.03.2006
experience nature running riot at the mysterious ruins of ta prohm, the original tomb raider temple.
siem reap
siem reap  |  Total images: 43  |  Date added: 23.07.2007
this is the one place everyone coming to cambodia will hit as it's the gateway to this country's spiritual and cultural heartbeat, the temples of angkor.
battambang  |  Total images: 10  |  Date added: 06.04.2006
the boat journey from siem reap to battambang was arguably the most spectacular in cambodia, as the boat passed through protected wetlands, secluded villages and narrow waterways.
north-eastern cambodia
north-eastern cambodia  |  Total images: 13  |  Date added: 02.04.2006
travelling up the mekong river through kompong cham, kratie and stung treng towards the border of laos.