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myanmar (burma) - an adventure of a lifetime (february 2006)
it's hard to improve on rudyard kipling's description of myanmar as "quite unlike any land you know about". a country with a strong tradition you won't see anywhere else, partly cause of the pride, but even more cause of it's isolation...

yangon  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 09.05.2006
yangon, the only official entrance to myanmar, is probably the most exotic und striking city of southeast asia.
northern myanmar
northern myanmar  |  Total images: 55  |  Date added: 09.05.2006
following the simple life in northern myanmar, where 90% of the population lives from farming or fishing...
bagan  |  Total images: 91  |  Date added: 10.05.2006
bagan's about 4000 temples not only make up the most wondrous sight in mayanmar, but rivals cambodia's angkor wat in terms of scope, size and jaw-dropability!
southern myanmar
southern myanmar  |  Total images: 28  |  Date added: 09.05.2006
southern myanmar wasn't that striking as it's northern part. there is hardly any tourist going south, so it was some of the hardest but also some of the most revarding travel...
snorkling trips
snorkling trips  |  Total images: 55  |  Date added: 09.05.2006
the main reason to visit southern myanmar is to dive and snorkel around the unexplored islands of the mergui archipelago...
on the way home...
on the way home...  |  Total images: 18  |  Date added: 10.05.2006
after crossing the 'inofficial' border in southern myanmar to thailand, i spent my last few days of my travels on the paradise island of ko panyam...

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myanmar beauty secret

- thanakha paste is a combination of moisturiser, sunscreen and perfume that's put on the face; it's made from the ground bark of the thanakha tree
- most myanmar man wear longyi (kind of a skirt) ; it's easy to understand when the heat hits you...
- plumpness is a sign of health; to say 'wa-laiq-ta!' (how fat you're looking) is quite a compliment...

myanmar or burma?

'myanma' was the original name of this land. it was britain, during their occupation, who renamed it to 'burma' (the majority of the people where 'bamar' or 'burmese'). in 1989 the junta restored the original name of 'myanmar' which is today's offical name. in reality both names are used, although usually myanmar to refer to the country and burmese to refer to the people.